Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Muslim Students’ Association is very similar to our mission in life as a whole.

Throughout the life of a person, he or she may ask the simple yet crucial question:

“What is the meaning of life?”

We can turn to many thinkers throughout history, great novels in the world’s biggest libraries, and even explore the world for its answers, yet still feel a sense of wonder and awe at what really lies before us in this world and what may lie ahead of us after death.

Our mission and duty towards every human being is to help them seek the truth they are looking for by a cordial invitation to:


To submit to the will of One God,

that’s it.


Living in a post 9/11 world, Islam has been portrayed in the media in many different ways. Some of which may confused those who do not practice the way of life and even those who do. Our duty is to clear such misconceptions and bring back the reality of the true teachings of Islam.

We attempt to do so through inter-faith events on campus and uniting with other MSA’s to increase brotherhood & sisterhood between Muslims as well as inviting non-Muslims. By doing this, we engage in conversation, communicate, break culture barriers between each other that lead to peace among the community and bind us together as

One Humanity.

One Strength.

Under One God.


Of course as with any invitation, the one invited can choose,

Our mission?

To invite…

and you are invited.



You deserve to know.

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