Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad – Legacy of a Prophet


(A beautiful tradition “There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm.” by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) written in Arabic calligraphy, the photo is taken by Mahir Sayar)

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet is a great documentary produced by PBS which talks about about the life story of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islamic way of life.
Scholars in the documentary:

-Karen Armstrong – Britsh scholar of religions, former nun and author of the book “Muhammad”.
-M. Cherif Bassiouni – Professor of Law, DePaul University, 1999 Nobel Peace Prize nomine.
-Michael Wolf – Muslim convert and author of The Hadj.
-Mohammed Zakariya – Muslim convert and Caligrapher.
-Many others

Watch the doucumentry online:
(Run Time: 1:56 hour)


The Message – A movie about Muhammad

(Muhammad (peace be upon him) is written in beautiful Arabic calligraphy)

The Message: A movie which speaks volumes about the early years of Islam and how ‘the message’ came to him as the chosen last Prophet of God.
-Anthony Quinn 
-Irene papas 

Director & Producer: 
Mostafa el Akkad

Watch it Online in English: 
(Run Time: 2:51 hour)


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